At Hierax Wealth Partners, we understand that in many cases, your investments may already be coordinated with your overall goals, you may have a strong relationship with an investment manager, or perhaps you have the knowledge, expertise and time to steward your own investment decisions. As a testament to the fiduciary standard and our desire to provide clients with fully customized services, Alexandra and Scott have been providing comprehensive financial planning and consulting services on a flat fee or retainer basis to clients. Clients who choose to work with us in this manner receive the exact robust, comprehensive and customized financial planning process we at Hierax always provide. We have also found it to be a powerful way to work with next generation clients who require complex financial planning but are often overlooked by traditional advisors who focus solely on managing all your assets.

Our consulting services platform has evolved beyond traditional financial planning and can also include concierge cash management, estate settlement, aggregation of outside investment assets, testimony/research work, and nonprofit investment policy development and consulting. Our goal is to provide you only the services you need – and to charge you accordingly.

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