CEO of Your Personalized Board of Trusted Advisors

For select families, we provide a concierge level of service acting as your family’s Chief Executive Officer on your personalized board of trusted advisors. We foster a reciprocal, collaborative and transparent relationship with every trusted member of your team – ensuring accountability and successful implementation of your complex financial needs and goals.

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We view your advisory team as a corporate or nonprofit would view its board of directors, where each member has specific responsibilities. We leverage these relationships to help establish your family’s personalized board of trusted advisors. By taking the leadership role in coordinating the financial planning, investment, tax, legal, banking, and estate planning pieces with each industry professional, we help ensure that every detail is implemented properly, providing the infrastructure for your family’s legacy to continue as intended for generations to come. As fiduciaries, we provide this tailored approach either on a flat fee basis or part of a comprehensive wealth management relationship, depending on what is in the best interest of you and your family.

Our concierge approach includes:

  • Financial Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Risk Management and Asset Protection

  • Tax Planning

  • Financial Recordkeeping

  • Family Governance and Stewardship

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