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Hierax Wealth Partners is an independent-minded wealth management and financial planning firm supported in full partnership with Hightower Advisors. Hierax Wealth Partners was founded with one goal in mind: to provide sophisticated, concierge wealth management services to a select group of families who are seeking an active partner in managing all aspects of their financial lives. We are fiduciaries who operate as a multi-family office - where we serve a select number of clients; where we understand that major life changes do not abide by normal business hours; and where we expect the best version of ourselves to deliver to our clients every day. The firm is co-founded by Alexandra J. Miele, CFP® and Scott R. Milford CFP®.

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Hierax is the ancient Greek word for hawk - symbolizing independence, adaptability, self-determination, and focus. The hawk is also renowned for its remarkable vision - biologically equipped with the ability to catch the smallest details while simultaneously remaining focused on the big picture. For our team, this concept is the most important core value - we strive to focus on the big picture while not losing sight of the smallest details that can and will drive the most significant impact.


  • It means that every investment decision is driven by an exhaustive financial planning process-and that every decision we make is made with specific goals in mind.

  • It means that we take the reins as the CEO of your team of trusted professionals-and that we dedicate the time to make sure each piece is working in harmony together.

  • It means that we serve a select group of clients, and that we interview you the same way you interview us to make sure the relationship is compatible.

  • It means that we will show up every day and deliver quality work to our clients.

  • It means that your investment portfolio is customized to your individual needs and are not limited to proprietary offerings.


Alexandra Miele

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